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And actually to make things weirder, one of the female characters dates 3 little boys standing on top of each other in a trenchcoat.


What is this show

Do you want a alcohol? I need to work in the business factory.


I swear to god the show about the talking horse on Netflix has induced an existential crisis.

I know! But there’s always later, right?

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"So they always put a girl character in movies for someone to fall in love with?"

my 7 year old son (astutely calling attention to the lack of female leads in action and adventure films).

While watching Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz flirt in POTC On Stranger Tides my son asked me “Why is there always romance in every movie?” He had asked the same question last week when we watched Kirsten Dunst and Toby Maguire have their memorable moment in the rain in Spiderman. He’s 7 and not a fan of kissing scenes. I try to explain that many people, especially adults, enjoy romance so it’s a popular thing in movies.

He responds with “So they always put a girl character in for someone to fall in love with?” And I am floored, because I realize the message Hollywood has sent my child is that you only need to include one female character - and it’s not so she can be the hero. If a 7 year old boy can recognize that women in action films are nothing but a plot device it is time for the film industry to admit they have a problem.

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I think I’ve had this conversation with my sons, although less obvious than this one. Which is why this one made me do a double take and remember that it’s been discussed in our house, too. Huh. 

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Don’t underestimate what kids will notice.

My youngest will tell absolutely everyone how unfair it is that Black Widow doesn’t have her own movie, and that you can’t get an action figure of Maria Hill. He hasn’t seen all of the MCU, he doesn’t own all the action figures - but he’s noticed.

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Boys notice, so do girls. And then it becomes normal and we have to UNLEARN IT. Not normalizing it in the first place is a lot easier.

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